Dear friends and colleagues all over the world,

I want to take this time to update you on some good news and ask for your help.

The new edition of Infant Massage: a Handbook for Loving Parents will be released by Random House in February, 2017. They will be marketing the “foreign rights” — that’s publishers in other countries and languages. They are making a concerted effort to get a Spanish edition for North, Central, and South America. A publisher in Turkey has already secured the rights.

How you can help: Contact a large publisher in your country. Tell them about your work with infant massage and IAIM, and how important it is for your instructors and parents to be able to purchase the book in your country. Urge them to get the foreign rights to Infant Massage: a Handbook for Loving Parents from Random House in New York.

I am trying to negotiate with Random House so that our instructors and trainers can get a good discount on Infant Massage. I’m thinking maybe you could send a copy of your certificate with your order; either online or by post; then you could get a discount. I get 50% off & have to purchase at least a case (I haven’t ordered, so I don’t know how many books are in a case—I’ll ask about that regarding the new book). I’ll let everybody know when this is settled.

The upcoming new edition is really an entirely new book. I think you will all like it and find it very useful in your work. There is extensive research in it, some new photos, a new cover, expanded and edited chapters, and five new chapters.

I am looking forward to our conference in Paris. I will be there for the entire time. I want to meet as many instructors as I can. I hope you are going!