To provide the best parent baby experiences, IAIM instructors invest themselves in  continuing education courses that ensure their up to date skills and knowledge.

We aim to support an educated and informed workforce to provide the best parental support services to populations worldwide and to achieve the best possible touch experience for babies around the world.
“ All babies should experience nurturing touch very early on to enjoy lifelong benefits” _Vimala Mc Clure_

IAIM approved-continuing education workshops for chapters members are presented by an IAIM Instructor or Trainer. These workshops focus on a subject directly related to the IAIM Instructor training core curriculum points that respect the Mission Statement and IAIM philosophy. Find a directory of IAIM- approved workshops and contact workshop tutors directly.

Are you interested in one of these topics?

Communication and facilitation skills

Presence of fathers in classes, couple relationships, body language, support emotional situation, relaxation

Enhance your knowledge about non-verbal communication, crying

Bonding and attachment

Massage and research

Adapting IAIM program to babies and families with special needs

Foster care, prematurity, post-partum depression..

Get skilled into the art of listening to baby

Marketing tools

Enhance your knowledge about nurturing touch, archaic reflexes, growing child massage


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Get involved !

You are familiar with IAIM instructor training course and want to propose a Continuing Education workshop for instructors? Get IAIM approval, receive a certificate and advertise your workshop to our chapters’members. Committee for Continuing Education (CCE) (Pictures of the 3 persons in the Committee) CCE is composed of experienced Trainers, who will provide you with guidelines to propose your workshop for IAIM approval.

The role of the committee is to promote and support appropriate IAIM continuing education for our chapters. Please contact to receive guidelines for IAIM workshops and complete the Workshop application form.
Thank you for enriching our Educational programs!