The International Association of Infant Massage promotes nurturing touch and communication for all babies. Each time you contribute you help families of babies to grow healthy relationships through respectful loving touch.

IAIM massaged babies are our future carers… and will pass on to their children the values of respectful and nurturing touch.

Our chance to contribute today!

What do we do with your financial support?

1. Open new countries

To infant massage through Audrey Downes fund:

We bring trainers to countries where infant massage is not developed yet with the IAIM principles to teach locals to become instructors and create their own chapter.

Your support help finance transportation, food and lodging, translators, study material (books, Manual, dolls, exercise books, pens).

2. Support new trainers fellowships

To help countries self-developing, IAIM trains new trainers. Fellowships are necessary to pay for transportation, food, lodging and tuition especially from Trainer candidates coming from economically challenged countries.

Our Trainer candidates are in the heart of the Circle of Trainers, are supported by senior and consultant trainers who give their time and trained by our CTC members (know more)