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I love my children unconditionally and I demonstrate that love to them every day in my words and actions. I tell them I love them every day, and let them know I love them even when I am angry or disappointed or disagree with them. I respect my children and demonstrate respect in my words and actions. I allow them freedom of choice and respect their choices even when they are different from what I would choose. I am honest and open, appropriately sharing with them my struggles and requesting their understanding and help when I need it.

I continually seek out information about healthy parenting skills and improve myself as a parent as much as possible. I admit my errors and make amends, and I allow my children to make mistakes and learn how to apologize and correct themselves. I find peaceable ways to discipline my children, never resorting to physical or verbal violence. I listen carefully to my children and treat their concerns with the same respect I want for myself.

I spend time with each child and encourage each child appropriately according to his or her needs. I take care of myself and my own needs so that I have positive energy to give to my children. I try to demonstrate the values I teach, knowing that my children learn primarily by my example and that the combination of my words and actions are what teaches them how to be a person of integrity. I provide my children with deep roots in home and family, and wings to fly away into new experiences, knowing that love will always bring them home again.

by Vimala McClure


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