Great News!



I have a few things to share with you that I am very happy about. First, my health has improved dramatically in the last few months. With the help of a wonderful doctor, physical therapists, and a lot of dedication on my part, I am pain free for the first time in 24 years! I am active on social media, promoting infant massage and marketing my book. I am so inspired to see so many of our growing chapters all over the world. I never imagined, though I envisioned, the huge growth of infant massage in our culture, and cultures around the world. My life’s work is now the life’s work of many all over the globe. AMAZING!

This brings me to the next bit of news. I have been corresponding with my editor at Random House, and they plan a new printing of INFANT MASSAGE, A HANDBOOK FOR LOVING PARENTS in February, 2016. They plan so far ahead that I had only a few weeks to send them changes, to which they agreed. The present edition has the stroke “Squeeze and Twist” changed to “Hug and Glide.” However, there are still two pages that refer to “Squeeze and Twist.” They are going to change those two pages. In addition, they have agreed to change the “Resources” page.

I plan to send them a proposal next year, for a complete update/revision of the book to make it modern to the year 2020; my vision is a book in color with up-to-date references, biography, and bibliography. I’m going to find out if it is possible to colorize the present photographs; if not, I’ll have to find a way to fund new photographs, in color.

The last bit of news is that Random House informed me that the foreign rights have been sold to a large publisher in China! This will make it published in 14 languages. This will help us have an active chapter in China.


— Vimala