IAIM Instructors, also known as Certified Infant Massage Instructors (CIMIs or CEIMs in the US) have all successfully completed the IAIM Infant Massage Certification Course led by an International Trainer.  Unlike many other organizations, IAIM instructors around the world only teach parents and caregivers to massage their own baby and instructors always teach on a massage doll.

This unique yet powerful aspect of IAIM’s program provides parents and caregivers a safe and nurturing space to bond and learn about their own baby.

“Teaching parents about infant massage is one the most rewarding jobs ever! You get to really see the change and confidence build up in parents as the five weeks go by, it’s really heartwarming to see parents fall in love with their baby!”

We currently have over 3000 new IAIM instructors qualified per year around the world from various professional backgrounds.  Besides teaching in homes, instructors also teach nurturing touch in several places such as:

  •      Neonatal intensive care units
  •      Disability services
  •      Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers
  •      Young parent services
  •      Mental health and psychiatric services
  •      Hospices
  •      Disaster zones
  •      Orphanages
  •      Developing countries
  •      Child protective services
  •      Adoption services
  •      Correctional facilities
  •      Postpartum care centers
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