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The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community

Becoming a Certified IAIM International Trainer is an active and individual journey. It is one of personal and professional growth.
The IAIM Committee for Trainer Candidates ( CTC) is responsible for the educational process for new trainers.
The Trainer Candidate (TC) is supported by the Circle of Trainers and the Chapters : you will work with active IAIM Senior Trainers, Trainer Consultants and the CTC gradually assuming more responsibility for all aspects of the training process.
Trainer Candidate learns through experience, observing, organizing, planning and practice trainings.

Main eligibility requirements to apply:

– Active member in IAIM Chapter or Forming Chapter

– 3-year minimum experience teaching parents as a certified IAIM instructor

– Taught at least 100 families with IAIM programme before applying.


Process to become a certified IAIM (more details here)

Application: check the process (more details here)


  • Step 1- Organize and Audit IAIM Trainings in your country
  • Step 2- Audit an IAIM Trainer
  • Step 3 – Attending the CTC Trainer Candidate Training
  • Step 4- Assignments -preparing the IAIM Core Curriculum points
  • Step 5- Supervised Independent Training
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Professional IAIM trainer requirement:

  • 1. Sign a Trainer contract with IAIM
  • 2. Attend 5-day Trainers international Meeting
  • 3. Attend the IAIM Educational Conferences and IAIM General Assembly
  • 4. Report annual activity and pay IAIM professional dues
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For more information contact IAIM Committee for Trainer Candidates:


CTC members 2022-2026

Application period will OPEN January 2024 and CLOSE in July 2024

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