General Assemblies

General Assemblies

General Assemblies over the years

The General Assembly consists of  Chapter Representatives that are appointed by each Chapter. The General Assembly uses a voting process and is responsible for electing the IAIM International Board members, voting on guidelines for the international budget and IAIM contracts. Chapter Representatives are the bridge between their chapter and the IAIM International Board.  Anyone is welcome to attend the General Assembly, but only one Chapter Representative per Chapter can vote.

1992: Orlando, Florida, USA

1994: Copenhagen, Denmark

1996: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1998: London, England, United Kingdom

2002: Budapest, Hungary

2004: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2006: Barcelona, Spain

2008: Denver, Colorado, USA

2010: London, England, United Kingdom

2012: Lisbon, Portugal

2014: Punta Leona, Costa Rica

2016: Paris, France

2018: Madrid, Spain

2020: Online Livestream

2022: Online Livestream