The IAIM International Board:

  • facilitates and supports the growth and development of the IAIM
  • represents the members of IAIM
  • completes projects proposed by the General Assembly
  • supports chapters and contact persons
  • works closely with the members of the Educational Board and Chapter Representatives
  • defines the work of the International Office
  • is responsible for the creation and distribution of the international newsletter.

Members of the International Board  

  • Margo Kilborn (South Africa) (President)
  • Eliza Keh (Taiwan) (Vice-President)
  • Ronel Coetzee (South Africa) (Secretary)
  • Fernanda Braganca Teixeira (Portugal) (Treasurer)
  • Rachel Younger (Israel) (International Educational Coordinator)
  • Àngels López Blasco (Spain) (Chapter Coordinator)


Margo Kilborn (South Africa)

Vice President

Eliza Keh  (Taiwan)


Ronel Coetzee (South Africa)


Fernanda Braganca Teixeira

Chapter Coordinator                                                   

Àngels López Blasco (Spain)

Educational Coordinator

Rachel Younger (Israel)