There are many benefits for you and your baby, such as relaxation, interaction and bonding, relief and stimulation. Please have a look at our benefits page.

Introducing touch can start soon after birth. Start with skin-to-skin care. This involves placing your baby on your chest to facilitate close contact between you and your baby (dads love this!). By following your baby’s cues, looking for signs of being quiet and alert, you can begin massage during the first few weeks after birth and then gradually develop a nurturing routine that will last a lifetime.

You will learn all this in your IAIM Infant Massage class. Find a Certified IAIM instructor near you by contacting the local chapter in your country if you want to join the IAIM family.

Your baby may be receptive to receive massage in the morning, after a bath or before bedtime. Or he may be only open to accepting a leg massage at one session, may enjoy tummy massage during a diaper change, or even love to have the whole body massaged at bath time. It’s important to always read your baby’s cues – this is how you will know if your baby is still enjoying the massage or has had enough.

Many of the benefits are increased with regular daily massages. And some babies happily receive more than one massage a day. It is wonderful to make massage a part of your daily family routine.

Babies understand much more than we realize. When babies are quiet and alert, we ask them if they would like a massage. This helps them to know that they can say yes or no to touch. We respect their body ownership and watch their cues to know if they want a massage or not.


We recommend the use of a vegetable oil, which is preferably organic and cold pressed with minimal odor to preserve yours, as your scent is your baby’s favorite scent.


While there are many books and videos available on Infant Massage, learning along with other parents from an IAIM Infant Massage Instructor is a more hands-on, interactive and personal experience. IAIM instructors teach each of the strokes one-by-one so you will feel comfortable and confident that you are doing them correctly.

IAIM Instructors also help you understand your baby’s responses and can help answer any questions you may have about touch, bonding/attachment and other topics. During an Infant Massage class, you will also benefit from the interaction, knowledge and experience of other parents.

Find a Certified IAIM Instructor near you by contacting the local chapter in your country.

We encourage both parents to participate in Infant Massage classes. This gives your baby a chance to bond with each parent in his/her own way.

Parents often develop different styles and unique ways to interact with their babies, and these classes are a great opportunity for both parents to form a life-long bond with their child.

We like to introduce babies to massage at their own pace. We watch their cues and introduce new strokes gradually, week-to-week. During our Infant Massage classes, you will be introduced to new information each week and build on previously taught strokes.

Classes are designed to build relationships between parent and baby, but also encourage engagement between parents fostering opportunities for ongoing support and friendships long after the classes are over.

Infant massage can be very helpful for babies who have experienced challenges in their lives. It is a wonderful way to strengthen the communication between parents and their children.

Your IAIM Infant Massage Instructor will be able to guide you as you massage your baby, or refer you to another instructor who has more knowledge and experience in this area. You and your baby are welcome in IAIM infant massage classes.

First, make sure the instructor has been trained by IAIM and is a member of IAIM. Also look for a course that is 5 – 6 weeks long. Infant Massage is best taught over several weeks so that new strokes and information are introduced gradually each week.

Along with your normal diaper bag items, bring an extra receiving blanket and a pillow either for you to sit on or to prop up your baby. Your instructor will inform you if you need to bring anything else.

Parents massage their own babies and instructors demonstrate using dolls. An infant’s first language is touch, and massage is a beautiful tool parents can use to establish a strong bond and create a healthy attachment.

An IAIM Instructor’s role is to create an environment that allows parents and babies to strengthen their bonds and deepen their love for each other.