Mission & vision

our mission

The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community

our vision

We envision a world where all families feel supported, every baby, child and adult is respected with integrity and love


our values

Empowering parents with the values below:

Collaboration: we work together for a common goal in supporting parents and babies

Respect: we treat families and individuals with dignity and consideration

Impartiality: we are non discriminatory and inclusive of all nationalities, race, class, religions, politics or beliefs

Integrity: we honour our vision, mission and values

Trust: we create a safe space for families and IAIM Instructor members within the IAIM trusting that we have the best intentions

Empathy: we are sensitive, understanding of and responsive to the emotions of others

Non-judgemental: we are active listeners and always try to focus and understand exactly what is being said

Commitment: we are dedicated to our mission and take pride in our work in alignment with our values

Respecting Babies, Supporting Families
Respecting Babies,
Supporting Families