educational conferences

educational conferences

Colourful and exciting, warm and welcoming, our Biennial IAIM Educational Conferences and General Assemblies attract IAIM Certified Instructors, Trainers, parents and professionals from around the world to learn, share, grow and lead.

At the Educational Conferences we promote lectures, workshops and discussions that are connected with the IAIM Program. Most of the conference is open to the general public.

The Educational Conference always ends with the special moment of the stroke review. Only Certified Instructors may attend. This is a very special and unique moment where instructors from all around the world get together and strengthen their knowledge and  skills as instructors.

When IAIM started in 1992, it was the first of its kind globally. Our main goal is to teach parents and caregivers how to use touch to communicate and bond with their children, making sure families everywhere are loved, valued and respected.

100+ Countries represented
30 000+ Certified Instructors
65+ International Trainers

Some of the speakers that IAIM has invited to its Biennial International  Educational Conference are:

Year Speaker Topic
2018 - Madrid Álvaro Bilbao - Spain Constructing better brains: neuroscience lessons for parents
2018 - Madrid Deborah Lipschitz - Sweden Reflexes in relationship with infant massage
2018 - Madrid Jillian - Canada Teaching the IAIM programme with very young parents
2018 - Madrid Bernardo Ortin - Spain Physical contact and construction of identity
2018 - Madrid Diana Siswartonova - Czech Republic Order emerging from chaos, Inspiration from the science of water about the impact of our inner state on class dynamics
2016 - France Hugues Reynes - France What is a baby’s inner experience ? An original obstetrical point of view
2016 - France Marc Lafrance - Canada Why does our skin matter so much ?
2016 - France Sylvie Hétu - Canada The IAIM Programme: A Necessity for the Third Millennium Families
2016 - France VimalaMcClure - USA Nurturing Touch & Infant Mental Health - The Parenting Practices that Influence Brain Development
2014 - Costa Rica Mónica Berrocal - Costa Rica Mother - Infant Interactions and Infant-Parent Mental Health in Special Situations: A Case Example with Adolescent Mothers
2014 - Costa Rica Mariano Rosabal - Costa Rica Between Autonomy and Relatedness: How Culture Shapes Child Development.
2014 - Costa Rica Sylvie Hétu - Canada What does it mean to be a good CIMI?
2012 - Portugal Sylvie Hétu - Canada The Global Success of IAIM
2012 - Portugal Angela Underdown - UK Holding the Baby in Mind: Supporting Early Relationships
2012 - Portugal Pratibha Reebye - Israel Touch as therapeutic modality - arts or science
2012 - Portugal Nils Bergman - South africa Evolutionary biology and modern neuroscience - what mothers always knew
2012 - Portugal Elsa Silva - Portugal Premature birth and touch