According to a new study from The University of Iowa and Indiana University, how parents react to their infants’ babbling impacts their language development. The research was recently published in the journal Infancy. The research team, includes Julie Gros-Louis, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Iowa. A study by Gros-Louis in 2003 compared […]


A new study suggests that if you’re a new father, spending plenty of time with your baby could boost his or her mental development. British researchers looked at how 128 fathers interacted with their infants at 3 months of age. When the kids turned 2, the researchers measured their mental development. Infants whose fathers were […]


Premature Babies Need a Special Kind of Touch We know how important it is to hold our babies close, right from the start. We put a lot of planning into those first few hours and weeks, arranging to avoid the interruptions that would unnecessarily deprive our babies of those precious moments of bonding time. When […]


Keep your life simple and serenity will follow. Like a small country with little need for supersonic travel, a simple life has little need for tension and stress. Give your children yourself and the need for things will be minimal. —Vimala McClure from The Tao of Motherhood         Research shows that simply touching, or […]

Loving Touch is Essential for Premature Infants

A new study in Biological Psychiatry reports that the benefit that premature infants gain from skin-to-skin contact with their mothers is measurable even 10 years after birth Physical contact with babies is crucial for their physical and psychological development. This lesson has been learned the hard way, as infants neglected in hospitals and orphanages developed […]

Infants’ Bone Development May be Weakened by Fast Food

Medical experts from the University of Southampton in the UK have found that eating too much fast food during childhood could also lead to poor bone development (in the UK, the word “infants” is broad, including toddlers and young children). The study also focused on the diet choices of pregnant women and mothers of young […]

New Study Explores Positive, Negative Aspects of Parenting in Mothers and Fathers

According to a new study, mothers’ and fathers’ parenting behavior is more likely to resemble their own mothers’ than their fathers.’ Researchers filmed 146 mothers and 146 fathers interacting with their young children, and used questionnaires to record their perceptions of the quality of parenting they received. Parents whose mothers showed more affection showed more […]

Study Says Massage Benefits Kids with Autism

According to a newly published report, A massage treatment developed for children who have autism can lessen its severity by a third in the first five months after diagnosis, making the treatment an effective early intervention. Dr. Louisa Silva, founder of the Oregon-based Qigong Sensory Training Institute and a visiting professor at Western Oregon University […]