A new study suggests that if you’re a new father, spending plenty of time with your baby could boost his or her mental development. British researchers looked at how 128 fathers interacted with their infants at 3 months of age. When the kids turned 2, the researchers measured their mental development. Infants whose fathers were […]

Bilingual Households Shape Brain Development in Babies

Many brain studies show that bilingual adults have more activity in areas associated with executive function, a set of mental abilities that includes problem-solving, shifting attention and other desirable cognitive traits. Now new findings reveal that this bilingualism-related difference in brain activity is evident as early as 11 months of age, just as babies are […]

Joke with Babies and Make Them Smart

A new study says that children as young as 16 months old learn important life skills from jokes and pretend play of their parents. “The study shows just how important play is to children’s development. Parents who pretend and joke with their children offer cues to distinguish the difference between the two and toddlers take […]

Expectations Shape Infants’ Brains

Researchers have found that infants can use their expectations about the world to rapidly shape their developing brains. Portions of babies’ brains responsible for visual processing respond not just to the presence of visual stimuli, but also to the mere expectation of visual stimuli, according to researchers from Princeton University, the University of Rochester and […]

Learning In Infancy Reaps Long-Term Benefits

Talking and reading to babies in their first year can provide learning benefits that are seen as much as five years later. Developmental psychologists say the benefits are particularly associated with naming things in the infant’s world, as this can help the infant make connections between what they see and hear. “Learning in infancy between […]

Babies are Smarter if They Spend Longer in Their Mother’s Womb

A study at Northwestern University found that heavier newborns do better in primary school than infants with lower birth weights. Scientists suggest that fetuses may benefit from a longer stay in their mother犀利士 ’s womb. Babies who weigh more when they’re born do better in school tests. David Figlio, one of the authors of the […]