Why choose us ?

5 reasons parents should know…

Slovenia IAIM Training:IAIM Trainees around the world receive the IAIM instructor training 15 core curriculum points while teaching methodologies are adapted to their culture by our experienced trainers.

All IAIM instructors have taken the same training around the world and uphold the same standards and values of the IAIM.

Instructor Training, Brazil, 2020

Instructors teach only parents and designated guardian-caregivers to ensure their bond and baby’s secure attachment are strengthened and to acknowledge the parent as the expert of their baby.

Taiwan Parent-Baby Class

The IAIM program is baby centered, and the massage is baby led. Baby’s needs and cues determine the flow and focus of parent’s and instructor’s attention.

Taiwan IAIM Training

IAIM courses provide a safe environment in which exchange of ideas among parents is encouraged and fosters supportive social networks among families.

Instructor Training, Brazil, 2020

Our courses are at least 5 weeks long, and cover practical teaching, theory topics and discussion allowing parents and baby to absorb various aspects of infant massage.