Steve Luck from the UK has created a wonderful version of our lullaby, Ami Tomake Bhalobasi Baby. He is making available to our chapters 30% of each sale of the CD. Below is his letter explaining the program:

FROM STEVE: I am trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to share this music and also to help the IAIM with fundraising. This version of the lullaby wouldn’t exist without the input Clare Spoors who is a CIMI here in the UK who had heard Ami Tomake through her involvement with the IAIM. It feels only right that the IAIM should benefit from some of the sales. 

The Ami Tomake web site now offers the possibility for IAIM chapters to become a partner. When partners refer visitors to the site and those visitors make a purchase it generates a royalty payment for the partner. For IAIM chapters this is set at 30% of any sales. You don’t have to do anything except share a web link (which would be unique to the USA IAIM) with your members via email and on social networks and, if you would like to, you can  put a button on your web site that directs visitors to the Ami Tomake store.

Once they are on the site, they will be able to listen to the music and if they make a purchase, the 30% royalty is automatically credited to your account (At current prices that’s US $4.50 for each $15 CD sale and $2.85 on each $9.50 mp3 download)

I will pay royalties monthly via paypal or money transfer direct into your bank account.

Once it is set up you don’t need to do anything else. You don’t have to handle any stock or get involved with delivery of CD’s to customers – I will take care of all of that. All you would need to do is share the web link so they know where to go to buy it to help support the organisation.

I am already working together with chapters here in the UK, in Belgium and Australia to make the music available so that everyone benefits from not only its relaxing effect but also the funds that it raises at the same time.

Vimala McClure was kind enough to write a review for me.

“….this CD is the best relaxation music I’ve ever heard…I recommend that every instructor keep and use these, and that parents are given the opportunity to buy them. Fantastic! I couldn’t ask for a better rendition of our classic lullaby.”

— Vimala McClure – Founder of the International Association of Infant Massage (the full review is on the web site)

I hope you might consider this as a possible way of working together. If you do decide to go ahead I can set you up a partner profile so you can start receiving funds from sales immediately.

Many thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Steve Luck