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Everything we do begins in the mind. First we create a mental picture, then the physical manifestation follows. The more clearly we can define our goal, the more quickly and accurately we can reach it. We are often caught up in the busy hustle of everyday life, reacting to everything that comes our way. We react automatically, based on what we have internalized — the “blueprint” we have from our life experiences. New parents are often surprised to hear themselves sounding exactly like their own parents. These internalized scripts are usually ineffective, sometimes outright destructive. Many people just go along reacting to everything in this way, not bothering to examine their blueprints and create something new for themselves — and then they wonder why their children become disrespectful, sullen, and rebellious.

Michael Mendizza, author of the Foreword to Joseph Pearce’s Magical Parent, Magical Child, says, “The weight of conditioning consumes all of our energy. The key is to increase the quantity and quality of energy-attention we bring to the moment. . . Only in this way will we have enough energy-attention to raise our awareness out of the maintenance reflex system and continue to playfully surf the waves of change. If not, we will get stuck in our conditioning.”

We all have the power to change the scripts we have been given, to alter them so they accurately reflect our values and the timeless principles we decide to consciously embrace. It requires a deep desire and daily practice to change.

Becoming aware of our deeply held principles and committing ourselves to living congruently with them is the means by which we realize our mission as parents. “Mission” may sound very big. But what is bigger than being a parent? What job or role is more important? What has a more direct and intimate affect on people, or creates a greater legacy for generations to come? When we think of parenting in terms of “mission,” we begin to give this part of our lives the respect it deserves.

By Vimala McClure


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